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Victorian Volleyball Academy Beach Structure- 2014

Beach Athlete Training Program

This message aims to give Victorian beach volleyball players a clear understanding of what’s happening with VVA training on Saturdays at Sth. Melb. After much discussion between Haydn, Big Al, Bubs and Sange, VicBeach and VVA have joined forces to bring the VVA elite pathway to a more central location at Sth. Melb beach and combine it with the expertise of VicBeach.

Our objective is to provide a complete pathway for all athletes from beginner and junior to World Tour level. We are aiming to accommodate all players from any entry level. We will have a pathway in place that accommodates any person wanting to learn to play competition level beach volleyball regardless of age or whether they have indoor volleyball experience or not.

Sessions are for specific levels but are ‘open’ sessions that any player at that level is welcome to join. No prior notification is required. Sessions will be seasonal in nature. Off-season will begin at the close of the Victorian season and will end at the beginning of September. Acquiring new skills and making technical as well as physical improvements is the emphasis of off-season.

Pre-season runs from September to the start of November and has an emphasis on creating a style of play that highlights a player’s particular strengths. In-season training is predominantly game play related drills with minor strategic improvements designed to have players ready for the tournaments they are playing over the season.

Saturday sessions times are as follows:

  • 7-9am AA / AAA Women - $20 per person – Haydn and Damo
  • 9-11am AA / AAA Men - $20 per person - Haydn
  • 9-11am Beach Play – juniors - $15 per person – Sange
  • 11-12.30pm Beginners - $20 per person - Damo
  • 12.30-2pm Intermediate - $20 per person – Damo

Coaches may change occasionally with people away. Big Al will also assist with sessions whenever possible and offer invaluable advice.

Please keep abreast of any FaceBook updates regarding specific sessions on a week to week basis. You can follow either the VicBeach or VVA FB page to keep updated.

The emphasis in beginner sessions is learning the pass, a basic serving action and how to push the ball around the court.

Intermediate sessions introduce hand setting, jumping and spiking.

Advanced players seeking to improve their basics or just do more reps are more than welcome to join beginner and intermediate sessions at a cost of $10.

Moving from beginners to intermediate level is achieved through competency in the skills being taught NOT the time spent coming to sessions. Coaches will tell beginners when they are ready for intermediate level. Likewise, intermediate level athletes will earn the right to join the more advanced sessions.

10% of all coaching fees go directly to VicBeach. 100% of this will be reinvested back into the VicBeach Victorian beach volleyball tour initially as prize money. Our goal is to build the Victorian Tour into a full professional tour in its own right that encourages the top players to play each week and provides excellent preparation for those seeking to play National Tour.

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