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Victorian Volleyball Academy

Who We Are

Victorian Volleyball Academy (VVA) was created to service the needs of athletes to progress in the sport of Volleyball and provide every opportunity for these athletes to develop into elite players. The VVA is based at Victoria University in Footscray with a full High Performance facility, Gymnasium and Aquatic Centre. VVA is established to support Indoor and Beach Athletes who have a will and passion to improve their skill, technique, physical and mental aspect of their volleyball. VVA incorporates the best coaching directors and coaches, Sports Psychologist, Sports Nutritionist, Sports Chiropractor and strength and conditioning coaches to achieve the targeted results required for each athlete.

VVA will also provide opportunities for athletes to play in its own franchised National Volleyball League (AVL) team “Victoria” men’s and women’s and also the ability to be part of a touring Victorian team playing internationally every year.

VVA will also hold international volleyball training camps internationally for those athletes who would like to experience 7 days of full time volleyball training for their development.

Victorian Volleyball Academy

Mission Statement

To provide services that create quality opportunities for the growth and development of Indoor and Beach volleyball athletes in Australia.

Vision Statement

To be the Premier Volleyball Academy in Australia.

Core Values

We will be responsible as individuals and as a group for our actions, decisions and responsibilities in managing the affairs of the Victorian Volleyball Academy. "Do what is right...Do it now"
We deliver what we promise and add value beyond what is expected. "Exceed Expectations"
We treat people with respect, fairness, honesty, patience, understanding and trust. We are an equal opportunity employer and respect diversity. "Walk the Talk"
We will, through our passion and commitment to volleyball, lead the collective thoughts, ideas and needs of the volleyball community and steward the direction of volleyball in our state. "Provide support and direction"

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