Online Retail Store

Online Branded Retail Store

Covering your online retail requirements.

We can build your organisations own internal Online retail store which can act as a value add for your customers/members or as a way of rewarding your staff.

Online Retail Store

APAC Group is an online business platform which operates a members-only shopping site. It sells heavily-discounted designer-label clothing through short "flash" sales that last for three or four days. The website currently attracts around 10,000 members per day. APAC has built a global supply chain with buying centres in Florence and New York, and warehousing in Los Angeles and the United Kingdom. This enables cost effective operations and international expansion. We guarantee that no “fakes” are sold on the website and insist that traders prove the genuine origins of their merchandise. With more than 250 staff, we sell a product every five seconds via our websites, across five countries.

We can provide you your own branded online retail store at no cost or work with our already proven platform. We do all the work and processing of the site from purchase to delivery, however your members or staff, sees it as your organisation that is providing this great benefit.

If you would like to know more information please contact us to provide you a demonstration.